1 Week in advance

Finally the wedding day is approaching & all the arrangements have to be in line with your tasks sheet. You need to just concentrate on your personal tasks now & the other things will be done by the concerned people. You need to complete the following tasks & use the ready to use planning checklist to keep a track of all the tasks:

  1. Check that all the expenditures are within the budget as last moment expenses can overshoot your budget.
  2. Confirm all the arrangements & requirements for all the functions for eg: First Ceremony, Engagement, Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding and Reception with the responsible people.
  3. Do the final check of all the preparations, theme set up & decorations at the venue.
  4. Confirm whether all the guests have received the invitation cards.
  5. Confirm the number of guests from each family & finalize the guest management sheet as it will be handy in the last moment when the guests arrive.
  6. Get all the final requirements from the photographer/videographer.
  7. Do a final check with the caterer on the menu to avoid any last minute surprises.
  8. Make a person responsible for returning any rental material to the respective vendor after the wedding.
  9. You will need to pay the balance amount to the vendors after the wedding; hence make arrangements for the same.
  10. The bride should start packing her stuff & belongings that she wants to take along with her. The groom should start clearing his room & creating space to accommodate the bride’s belongings.
  11. You need to pack your honeymoon stuff separately and keep it ready as there may be no time later.
  12. Visit your beautician and hair stylist to discuss the final look for all the occasions. Also list down all the beauty products that will be required for you to get ready & the person who will procure the same.
  13. Pack decoratively and check all the gifts to be exchanged between the bride and groom at the various events.
  14. Ensure the arrangement & decoration of the vehicle which will take the bride and groom after the wedding.
  15. Keep few basic medicines like antacid, painkillers ready.
  16. Re-confirm your first night & honeymoon bookings.
  17. For the wedding, pack your belongings as per the functions so that the entire outfit with the jewelry, shoes is together.
  18. Keep your stuff in separate bags so that it does not get mixed up with your immediate family members.

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