Attributes in a girl

After you have uploaded your profile & started searching for the right girl, you should have a clear picture of the attributes you want in your life partner. This list of attributes will also assist you in asking the required questions during the phone conversations or personal meetings with the prospects. Some of the attributes in a girl are common for most of the guys while some may be of specific importance to you. Following is a list of attributes required in a girl for your reference:

  1. In physical attributes, you need to decide on the complexion, features, height, weight, etc. You need to weigh the importance of looks & physical attributes v/s other attributes.
  2. To analyse general compatibility you should know hobbies, likes and dislikes, pastime, passions, etc. of the girl.
  3. Are you ready to accept a girl who has responsibility of her family (eg: younger siblings or old parents) & cannot let it go after marriage.
  4. A girl should fit into your family culture & traditions.
  5. Is the girl is ready to accommodate in a joint family or prefers nuclear family only.
  6. The girl should be calm, homely, modern, fashionable, honest, caring, responsible, loving & respectful.
  7. Whether the girl smokes or drinks & her willingness to quit.
  8. Is the girl a good cook?
  9. To analyse intellectual compatibility, you should know her career goals, aims & future plans of the girl.
  10. Some guys prefer career oriented, dynamic & aggressive girls while others prefer homely & submissive girls.
  11. Do you want a girl with basic education i.e. set a basic criteria or maybe some specific education/ degree? Is it acceptable to you if the girl is more educated than you?
  12. You need to be clear if you want a working girl as she may want to continue working after having a family. You need to know if she is flexible to compromise with her career as per situation or she is adamant not to sacrifice career at any cost.
  13.  Another important factor while selecting a working girl is her salary. Is it acceptable to you if the girl who earns more than you or has a better career?
  14. The girl should communicate clearly & openly her views, opinions & expectations.
  15. You should know whether the girl is willing to relocate in a different city, if required or ready to settle abroad if there are opportunities. This can be one major factor while taking the final decision.

Remember a girl can make or break a house. So be careful while choosing your soulmate; take your time & assess all the parameters as per the attributes assessment sheet. This sheet will help you to keep all the attributes ready in front of you while finally selecting your soulmate.

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