Managing Guests

Managing guests is the most difficult & tedious task in any wedding. It requires a lot of planning & efforts to satisfy the guests & make your wedding one of the most memorable events in their life. Here are some quick points which will help you to manage your guests easily:

  1. Make a list of all the guests. If you are not inviting all guests to all functions then make separate list of guests function wise. For eg: some business or official acquaintance are invited only for reception or you may invite only close relatives for engagement, haldi, mehendi & sangeet & others for wedding & reception, etc.
  2. Make a list of the guest to whom invitation cards will be given personally. Then make list of the guests to whom the cards will be delivered by post / courier.
  3. Note down postal address of all the guests. This will help you to prepare the invitation cards quickly & keep a track on their delivery. Also, make use of telephone and internet to invite guest wherever possible eg: send invitation card over email and call them personally.
  4. If you are making travel & accommodation arrangements, call all the guests personally & inform them about all the details.
  5. If you are making all the travel arrangements for the guests then book the tickets in advance as you can get good deals for bulk bookings.
  6. After the arrival of your guests at the location, plan their travel to the venue.
  7. If you are having theme wedding, then you need to inform the guests in advance so that they can be prepared for the wedding as per the theme.
  8. If you are providing accommodation to the guests, book hotel/rooms in advance as you can bargain & get a good discount. Ensure that the rooms are clean, spacious & hygienic.
  9. You can ask guests to confirm the number of people who will be present at the wedding. This will save time, efforts & money that will be wasted in last moment cancellations.
  10. Though you have confirmations, it is better to book some extra rooms for any last moment changes. Also you need to be prepared for some last moment cancellations due to non arrival of some guests who had confirmed their presence.
  11. There should be people responsible to manage all the logistics & accommodation of the guests. These people should be easily accessible to resolve issues of guests.
  12. You can use the guest tracking sheet that will help you to keep record & track all the developments.

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