Marriage Profile Tips

Once you prepare your marriage biodata, the next step is to create your profile and upload it on various matrimonial sites.  Creating a perfect profile requires some creativity & a little brain storming.

To start with, some of the things are standard & have drop downs from which you need to select the appropriate option for eg: community details, physical attributes, educational background, job title, employer name, nature of job, etc. Then there sections like describe yourself, expected attributes of partner, hobbies, etc. where you are required to put in your writing skills. Here comes the actual challenge for which below are some quick tips:

  1. Be precise, honest, open & assertive.
  2. Write from your heart. There is no harm in being a little emotional.
  3. Remember that your profile should create the best first impression. It should reflect your true personality as close as possible.
  4. To set a positive tone you can start with “Thanks for visiting to my profile”.
  5. While describing your hobbies you can go into little details & also mention your favourite pastime / food joint / place, etc. Upload a nice photo.
  6. While describing yourself you can include some basic attributes of your nature, your future plans, goals, achievements, etc. Easy to use samples of Describe Yourself can assist you with this section.
  7. While writing about expectations from your partner; be very clear, exact & use simple words. Your expectations should be understandable & genuine. Expectations should clearly communicate the attributes of the girl / guy you want. Easy to use samples of Partner Preference can assist you with this section.
  8. Don’t be over descriptive but also communicate the required things in minimum & effective way.
  9. To get more proposals, be in regular touch with the marriage bureaus, relatives, websites, etc.

Lastly once you are ready with your profile; read it to ensure that all the information is correctly & completely conveyed. It will help you to improvise on the profile if you review it again after a day or two. You can also get the profile reviewed by a close relative or friend; their suggestions can be valuable.  Once you are convinced with all the information you can upload your profile & start your search to find a perfect life partner.

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