Attributes in a guy

After you have uploaded your profile & started searching for Mr. Right, you should have a clear picture of the attributes you want in your life partner. This list of attributes will also assist you in asking the required questions during the phone conversations or personal meetings with the prospects. Some of the attributes in a guy are common for most of the girls while some may be of specific importance to you. Following is a list of attributes required in a guy for your reference:

  1. In physical attributes, you need to decide on the complexion, features, height, weight, etc. You need to weigh the importance of looks & physical attributes v/s other attributes.
  2. Age difference is another important factor. Most girls prefer guys who are elder to them as they are more mature & can handle situations in a better way. Do remember a lot of age difference may lead to clashes as there can be a big difference in thinking.
  3. To analyse general compatibility you should know hobbies, likes and dislikes, pastime, passions, etc. of the guy.
  4. You need to consider the family responsibilities of the guy & his preference of joint or nuclear family.
  5. The guy should be honest, caring, responsible, loving & respectful.
  6. You should know whether the guy is a decision maker or he just follows his parents, friends, elder siblings, relatives, etc.
  7. Whether the guy smokes or drinks & his willingness to quit, if you desire so.
  8. Another important factor that you need to consider is security & stability. This includes house, financial stability, emotional compatibility, vehicle (as per your standards), salary & assets, liabilities, etc.
  9. Then you need to consider educational & financial securities i.e. if the current employment is lost in future will the guy be able to survive, does he have the ability to survive in crisis like recession, etc.
  10. Some girls prefer guys who are self – made & achievers while others prefer guys who have inherited their family belongings & business.
  11. Some girls prefer dynamic & aggressive guys while others prefer guys who submissive & follow the trend.
  12. Nowdays girls prefer guys who know cooking because if you are late or you are a working wife, a little help is always a boon.
  13.  To analyse intellectual compatibility, you should know the career goals, financial goals, aims & future plans of the guy.
  14. The guy should communicate clearly & openly his views, opinions & expectations.
  15. You should know whether the guy wants to settle in India or is looking for opportunities to settle abroad. This can be one major factor while taking the final decision.

You can use the attributes assessment sheet & enter the details of the attributes of the guys you feel could be your soulmate. This sheet will help you to keep all the attributes ready in front of you while finally selecting your soulmate.

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