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Indian Weddings are usually an very elaborate affair with a lot of functions, fun & guests. Planning Indian Weddings has many dimensions as it is one of  the highest priority occasions in the society. To avoid last moment panic and tension, you should start preparing & planning well in advance for a memorable wedding.

To start with let’s list down the broad tasks in the main wedding planner. Then you need to do detail planning working on other sub – tasks that will ensure timely completion of all the arrangements. To start planning your wedding, following is the list of major tasks & you can use the ready to use planning checklist to keep a track of all the tasks:

  1. First you need to decide the date & time of your wedding.
  2. You need to finalize the entire budgetof your wedding. It should usually be a range so that you have a clear idea of the maximum limit to which you can exceed the budget.
  3. Then you need to decide the number, date & timing of functions & their arrangements for eg: First Ceremony, Engagement, Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding and Reception.
  4. You need to have a brief idea of the rituals in your wedding.
  5. You need an approximate estimate of the number of guest you intend to invite.
  6. Finalize the type of wedding for eg: traditional wedding, theme based wedding, royal wedding, simple wedding, court marriage with a reception, etc.
  7. You need to discuss whether both the bride & groom’s side are going to share the responsibility or only the bride’s side will make the arrangements for the wedding.
  8. To know when to do what refer to marriage guide & checklist for planning 3 months in advance, 2 months in advance, 1 month in advance, 1 week in advance, the wedding day, etc.
  9. Refer the marriage guide for further guidance & checklists for detail planning for guest, invitation cards, venues, decorations, wedding functions & their arrangements, etc.

Having a perfect wedding is just about planning, organizing, tracking & executing the plans with help of planning & tracking sheets.

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