Haldi function

One of the most ancient pre-wedding rituals is the Haldi function. Haldi function takes place one day before the wedding. Following is the list of arrangements you need to do for a successful Haldi function:

  1. Decide the budget.
  2. Prepare guests list with contact details & postal address.
  3. You can send separate invitation cards for haldi function or include it in the wedding invitation card as an extra leaflet.
  4. You need to prepare the menu & inform all the details to the caterer.
  5. As per the budget, you need to make arrangements for decorations of the venue with flowers, lights, etc.
  6. Requirements for the function:
    • For the paste: Turmeric powder, rosewater, water, sandalwood powder and other purifying and fragrance ingredients.
    • A nice bowl for the paste.
    • Mango leaves for applying the paste.
    • Puja thali or tilak thali as per your tradition.
    • 2 Stools to sit; 1 for the bride/groom & 1 for the person applying the paste.
    • A Scrub to remove the paste during shower.
    • Light snacks & drinks.
    • Music / DJ for ladies to dance or dholak for the ladies to sing folk songs.
  7. Wear those clothes which you would not mind throwing off because it may not be possible to remove the turmeric stains.
  8. The ambience of the venue should be relaxing. Usually only close relatives & friends are invited for this function.
  9. The Haldi function is celebrated separately for the bride & groom.
  10. Married female members of the family apply the paste using the mango leaves to the bride/groom on the face, hands, legs, neck, etc.
  11. This function is for blessing, cleansing and purifying the soon to be married couple so that there is prosperity & fortune for them after marriage.
  12. As turmeric is a natural exfoliate & cleanser, it brings beauty & glow to the bride’s face for the wedding day.  Be cautious while applying turmeric, because if you apply too much it will be very difficult to remove it during the shower.
  13. The bride’s hands should be covered so the haldi doesn’t interfere with her mehndi.
  14. After the paste dries the bride/groom go for a shower to remove the paste & the guests enjoy the snacks & drinks along with music.
  15. Appoint a photographer/videographer to take photos & videos so that you can preserve all the memories of these special moments forever.

You can also refer to Haldi planning sheet for keeping a track of all the arrangements.

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