The Wedding Day

You have reached the venue; the D Day is here! There is lots of excitement, happiness & a little tension. There will be a lot of activity going on in the background which you need to ignore & concentrate only on yourself.  Don’t panic as nothing is perfect, there may be small errors here & there. People responsible will take care of all the tasks. So stop worrying & enjoy the functions, it’s your wedding, Enjoy!

Be relaxed & sleep well as the wedding day is always eventful & hectic. You should relax or take quick power naps between the functions; this will help you to look fresh & energetic. Be cheerful & keep smiling. Have proper, healthy & regular meals. Be calculative on taking fluids as you need to be hydrated; however you might not get many chances to take a Bio break. Follow the timings for all the functions so that the functions start & finish at the right time. Also ensure that all the arrangements for the wedding are made in advance so that nothing bothers you in the last minute. In case there are too many guests; do not panic if you cannot identify all of them; you can always ask about their reference to your family.

There maybe some wedding day blues! Think positive, don’t worry; all the best things are happening in your life. Marriage is a wonderful journey if you have the right partner. Trust your destiny; you are getting married to the right partner!

Wedding Day is a onetime experience; so try to make the most of it & enjoy

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