Photographer & Videographer Selection

All the sweet memories of your wedding will always be alive through the photographs & videos taken during the wedding. You need to be very cautious while selecting the photographer & videographer because if improper techniques are used during filming, the end results are irreversible. To obtain a good photograph & video, it is essential to use high quality camera, video recorder and sound equipment. Also these equipments need to be placed at precise locations to obtain best results. This can be done by professionals only, so don’t try to leave it to relative/friends due to budget constraints.

Following guidelines & Checklist will help you to select the right photographer & videographer in your budget:

  1. Check out the wedding videos & photographs taken by the photographer & videographer. This will help you to understand the quality of the video & photos. Also ask for references.
  2. Ask about the number of cameras they will use for the functions & the final wedding day.
  3. Ensure that the camera equipment is of high definition.
  4. Ask for back up strategy, if any of their main equipment fails.
  5. Number of hours of video shooting included in the cost & if the timing exceeds, are there extra charges.
  6. Lighting details for good effects.
  7. Number of photographs included in the costing, their size & ensure that album is provided. Some photographers provide designer albums & hand painting on the sides of the photographs; so you can take such package deals.
  8. Selection of the music for the video should be as per your choice.
  9. The final video after editing & photographs should be as per your approval.
  10. Number of DVD’s will be provided or to be precise number of minutes of recordings.
  11. Agree on minimum photographs that will be taken by the photographer and the minimum prints that they will provide to you.
  12. Make sure you have studio setup done for portfolio photos, this might add an extra cost, however it’s worth the cost.
  13. Ensure that they provide you with soft copies of photos you need and also a soft album of photos which is similar to videos.
  14. Agree on timelines for delivery of soft copy and album after the event.
  15. Keep the original tapes and raw photos soft copy with you in case you need to process them again.

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