Prospect Search

After you have made up your mind to get married, you need to start search for your soulmate. The goal of this section is to help you to understand & prepare you for the various steps in the process of prospect search. This section will assist you to get the right match.


Creating Marriage Biodata

Creating Marriage Profile

Start search for a perfect Match

Attributes in a Girl

Attributes in a Guy

Phone Conversation with a Girl

Phone Conversation with a Guy

Meeting Personally

Selecting Your Soulmate

Proposing for Marriage

Tools & Checklist:

You can download & use the following checklist:

Attributes in a Girl

Attributes in a Guy

Soulmate Assessment Sheet

Bio Data Templates:

You can download ready to use biodata Templates comprising of all the required details from here:

Ganeshji Format 1

Ganeshji Format 2

Heart Format

Jain Format


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