1 Month in advance

The countdown will begin now & you will want all the arrangements to finish as soon as possible.  Relax, cool down, take a deep breath & keep a track of all the tasks as per your tracking sheet. Let the responsible people manage the task & you should intervene only if you feel the things are getting out of way. The next set of tasks which you should start with is listed below & you can use the ready to use planning checklist to keep a track of all the tasks:

  1. You need to start distributing the  invitation cards to the guests as per the guests list.
  2. List down the things to be ready at the venue, detail requirements for the decorations & theme based wedding.
  3. Maintain the budget allocation sheet.
  4. Send the final menu to the caterer.
  5. Ask the photographer/ videographer to send a list of their requirements.
  6. Make sure all the outfits and jewelry are ready as per the occasions. Try out all the outfits with the shoes, jewelry, makeup and all the accessories so that changes can be made if they are not going well with each other. Ensure you have 2 to 3 extra pairs of outfits in case of any last minute problems.
  7. Appoint your beautician & decide the final makeup & look for each occasion. You can also visit a good dietician; this will help you look smart on the D day.
  8. Finalize all the arrangements for the functions i.e. First Ceremony, Engagement, Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding and Reception as per the function planning sheet.
  9. Confirm the approximate number of guest. Finalize their travel & accommodation arrangements.
  10. Shop for gifts for the bride & groom, exchange gifts during functions, gifts for close relatives & return gifts for guests. If you start early you may get discounts for bulk purchase!
  11. Shop for prizes if there are any games.
  12. Decide on welcome arrangements of all the guests.
  13. If you are going to purchase some home appliances, the right time is now as you may get discounts!
  14. Do explore the possibility of having some events for the kids which come for the wedding. Eg: magic show, games, mickey mouse, etc.
  15. Finalize your honeymoon plans and book your tickets in advance to get cheaper rates. Finalize the hotel at your honeymoon destination & any package (if opted for).
  16. Make sure you have the Visa and all the documents including cash/Travelers cheque ready if you are going abroad for honeymoon.
  17. You can also book a luxury hotel room for the first night after your wedding.

If you want to register your marriage immediately after the wedding, you need to start the preparations now for eg: fill the registration form as you need to file it 1 month in advance, etc.

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