Honeymoon Planning

After all the wedding functions & first night, couples go for honeymoon. Once you finish wedding planning, start planning your honeymoon so that you have enough time. This is the time when you are alone with your spouse to spend some of the most romantic & beautiful moments of your life. Following is the list of preparations you need to do to have an organized & well planned honeymoon:

  1. Honeymoon is for you to understand each other’s needs, feelings & nature. So try not to make it very hectic as you need to spend maximum time knowing each other.
  2. Decide the budget for honeymoon.
  3. Finalize the date & period of honeymoon.
  4. Decide the destination as per your budget. Know about the most popular places to visit on honeymoon.
  5. You may visit various travel offices for packages. Before finalizing any package evaluate it, as they may not be value for money.
  6. Book your tickets in advance to get cheap rates.
  7. Book your hotel room in advance so that room is available. You can check with the hotel people for other facilities like restaurant, wi-fi, etc.
  8. Decide & finalize all the logistics like travel from airport/station to hotel, car for local travel, etc.
  9. Decide all the places you wish to visit. You may want to do a lot of sight – seeing but remember in doing so you will get exhausted & will be left with very little time for each other.
  10. Prepare all the documents like visa, passport, permits, etc. as per your destination.
  11. Get all the outfits, accessories, shoes, medicine box, etc. as per your destination.
  12. Keep your honeymoon bags ready separately as you may not have time after the wedding.

Plan your honeymoon well in advance so that it is organized & you can enjoy it to the fullest! You can use the honeymoon planning sheet to keep a track of all the arrangements.

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