Low Budget Wedding: 19 Ways to Save

Low budget wedding does not mean that you are compromising on your celebrations due to monetary constraints; it means that you are having a grand wedding in a cost effective way. You need not compromise on the quality or any other important aspect of the wedding, only thing that you need to do is cut down on the extra unnecessary costs that will not affect your special moment. Following are some quick tips to have a low budget wedding:

  1. Decide a budget for the wedding & stick to it. Plan your wedding well in advance to save costs on wedding.
  2. You can have an off season wedding. This will help you to get best venues at a low cost with package deals.
  3. To have low Budget Wedding, you can combine functions to save costs for eg: combine mehndi & sangeet.
  4. You can cut decoration costs by using seasonal flowers. As they will be easily available in abundance & at low cost. Also you can reuse wedding flowers (if they are in good condition) in the reception.
  5. To have low Budget Wedding, instead of using designer table cloths, you can use white linen as this is cheap & easily available. Chair covers can be avoided & simple chairs can be used.
  6. Another great tip for Low Budget Wedding is use shopping discounts while purchasing your outfits. Also if you need to buy anything in bulk, check for bulk shopping discounts.
  7. We all want our wedding dress to be unique & outstanding. Hence we end up spending a lot of money on the wedding dress which we may not even wear again. So you can either self-design your outfit & get it ready yourself by adding beads, pearls, etc. or ask your relative for help. You can also use wedding dress of your grandparents, if it is in good condition. You can consider taking an outfit on rent, as this will considerably save  cost on your wedding.
  8. The brides usually end up spending a lot of money on themselves. Make a list of all the things that are important to you and then avoid the other things; you will definitely save a lot of money.
  9. Another great tip for low budget wedding is you can design the invitation cards yourself. Make simple handwritten cards. Also using e cards & then following up with a phone call will help you to invite a lot of guests in a cost effective way.
  10. Receptions take away a large part of your budget as they are expensive. Limit the number of guests & arrange for buffet dinner.
  11. Buffets save a lot of cost as you cut down on serving staff, limit the number of dishes in the menu, etc.
  12. One of the cheeky tip on low budget wedding is Negotiate for per plate price for children.
  13. Use pre – recorded music & small music band than going for professional DJ.
  14. Weddings rings are another major expense. You can have simple gold rings with semi-precious stones than having platinum or diamond rings which are very expensive.
  15. Limit sweet stalls & add extra food as stalls sweet stalls are more expensive than additional stall.
  16. Plan a local honeymoon as you usually spend more time together than sightseeing. Hence there is no need to spend money on an exotic location.
  17. Ask relatives or friends if they are members of any club or local garden or school/college board that can rent venues of wedding at discounted rate.
  18. Theme based weddings can be excellent cost savers if you plan accordingly. This way you can save cost on dress, decoration and limit the food to suit your theme.
  19. Your relatives and friends have huge talents and collections; you may take their help for eg: like someone could be an excellent choreographer or someone could do good comparing for your functions or someone will have that vintage car, etc.

You can have a wonderful low budget wedding & spend the money you saved on your house, durable, car, honeymoon, etc.

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