Tips for Wedding Invitation Card

Wedding Invitations create the first impression of your wedding. Guests will usually judge the type of wedding & make up their mind of coming to your wedding when they see the wedding invitation. Some Quick Tips for making a Wedding Invitation Card memorable for your guests:

  1. The content of the Wedding invitation card should mention all information clearly:
    • Name of the would be bride & groom.
    • Educational qualifications of the bride & groom. (this is optional)
    • Name of the parents and their residential address with contact details.
    • The date & details of the functions, venues & timings. Also do mention if the events are accompanied with lunch or dinner or snacks.
    • Names of close cousins, uncles & aunts are mentioned in the invitation card. This is optional as per one’s tradition.
  2. Ensure that the texture & quality of paper  is good.
  3. Always ask for a final prototype of the invitation before final printing of wedding cards.  This will help to check the final look of the card, spelling errors, content & design. It is very important to get a final check from close friends/relatives for any mistakes missed by you.
  4. If you don’t want gifts then ensure that you mention & highlight this clearly on the invitation card.
  5. Decide the number of the leaflets to be attached.
  6. If all the guests are not invited for all the functions, then it is appropriate to have different leaflets for each of the functions that are not common to all and attach them with the invitation card as and when required.
  7. Invitation card can be made for limited members also for eg. Invitation only for 2.
  8. A latest popular trend is, sending a token of love like a small box of sweets or chocolates or a packet of almonds or flowers, mehndi, statue of god etc. along with the Wedding Invitation.
  9. Usually different invitation cards are sent from the bride’s & groom’s side. So you can work together & make joint invitation cards for your guests. This will also save costs, time & efforts.
  10. To save cost & time, you can also design a soft copy of the invitation card and send it via email & then follow up with a phone call to give personal touch.
  11. You can begin the invitation with some good wordings or quotes or have some hand painting. Invitation cards can be theme based for eg: theme based peacock or horse, theme based on season, theme based on dawn, scroll cards, etc.

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