The Wedding

After organizing all the functions, you need to ensure that everything is well planned & organized for the D Day. The celebrations are at its peak, everybody is excited to witness the wedding. Though you need to do all the arrangements well in advance; the following list & a detailed planning checklist will help you to keep a track of all the things. You need to ensure that there is a person responsible to overlook all the arrangements & do all the final checks as you will be busy with the rituals.

  1. Fix the time & date for the wedding.
  2. Check if everything is within the budget set for the Wedding Day.
  3. Check that the final number of guest present is as per the number of invitation card send. You need to accommodate any last moment changes.
  4. Check the transportation facilities for all the guests.
  5. Do a final check of the venue, tables & the sitting arrangements.
  6. Check all the decorations of venue, entrance, mandap, etc. are ready as agreed.
  7. Check with the caterer whether all the items are there as per the finalized menu. Taste the food before the caterer starts serving the guests to ensure that everything is fine.
  8. Check all the arrangements required to take photos & videos by the photographer/videographer.
  9. The wedding attire along with all the accessories should be ready. Ensure that the attire is well ironed.
  10. The beautician & hair stylist should have reached the venue.
  11. Arrangements for groom & barat:
    • A white decorated mare for the groom. Nowdays the groom use the car instead of the mare.
    • Turban for the groom
    • Sehara (floral veil)is optional, depends on your tradition.
    • Sword for the groom.
    • Music band for the barat procession.
    • Fireworks as desired by you.
  12. Arrangements for welcoming the barat:
    • Shehani/ Music to welcome the brat.
    • Decorate the entrance for the barat.
    • Tilak thali / aarti thali with some sweet for welcoming the groom.
    • Flowers or garlands with coconut for welcoming the baratis.
    • Welcome drink/thandai/ice cream with milkshake, etc.
    • Light snacks like starters along with sweets for the baratis.
  13. Arrangements for pheras:
    • Garlands for the bride & groom.
    • Flower petals for the guests to shower at the time of pheras.
    • Pandit/priest to conduct the wedding.
    • Seating arrangement for the bride, groom & pandit/priest during the pheras.
    • Odhani or cloth to tie the knot between the bride & groom for the pheras.
    • The Mangalsutra/sacred thread which from the groom for the bride.
    • Sindoor.

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