Am I ready for Marriage?

This is one of the most debatable topics. The debate is just not among people, but also within each one of us. It is very difficult to decide when one is ready for marriage. There is nothing like a perfect age or time to get married. The decision should not only come from within you, but also depends on other factors like family and society. Getting married is not just adding one more person to your life and family but it is much more than that. It is a lifetime commitment along with a big responsibility.

People often say that they are not yet ready to take this big responsibility. Is it really true? One is never actually totally ready for getting married. The most common reason, especially sited by guys is that they are not financially ready, so they can’t get married. If you think so then you will never be ready in life. Human nature at times is very greedy; you will always want to earn more and more and you will never feel satisfied. Keep a realistic target in mind which should be sufficient for you to live a decent life as per your standards. If you have money for this basic stability in life then it becomes a secondary factor.

One of the major reasons why girls are denying to get married is their education & careers. In such situation, girls should also analyze their ambitions and then search for the right partner. Delaying marriage is not the right solution.

The most important factor which you should consider is that whether you are ready to take the responsibility of a new family. You are alone now and later on you will need to take care of your partner. The very factor that you need to share everything with your partner, including your bedroom and your bed makes this decision more difficult.

Think realistically that if you get married after 1 or 2 years, what major difference it will have in your life, decisions & ambitions. If there is no major difference & the change is very small, then it’s the right time to start thinking of marriage. The following technique (you can use the a ready sheet for the technique) may help you to decide whether you are ready for marriage. Think of the tasks that you are planning to do in next 1-2 years and write them down. Just knock-off the tasks which will not be impacted because of your marriage. Then you need to analyze leftover tasks and then rate them as per their importance in your life and the impact they will have if completed after marriage. You also need to decide the time frame in which these tasks need to be completed. This will help you to decide that if the tasks are going to be completed in near future then you may start the process of finding & filtering the required prospects as this process also takes time. In case the tasks are so important that you need to concentrate on them before marriage then you need to decide a realistic time frame for completion of the task. If the task is long term then you can decide completion of a major milestone as the point after which you will start considering marriage. This technique will definitely help to clear your mind and think positively about your future.

Mostly in our society, there is a lot of pressure from our family and friends to get married soon, so we always keep thinking that should I really get married? The question that you need to ask yourself is if I need to get married sometime in my life then why not now. At least you will have a good friend to share your happiness & sorrows.

Before going ahead with this decision always remember one thing, that once married there is no way to return back. Couples often say that their marriage didn’t work out well because they got married too early or at the wrong time; which is a pure nonsense. If you have the right to vote at that age & decide a country’s future, you definitely have enough sense to decide on your own future. The main reason behind failure of a marriage is because they don’t decide on the right partner (the major aspects in choosing the right partner is dealt in a separate topic).

It’s your life so think, analyze and take the right decision. Do take valuable advice of your family & friends. The sooner you take a positive decision; you will get more time to cherish happy moments in your life with your partner.


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  1. Siddhu Avatar

    Really a nice information and clears all doubts about marriage. Keep it up.

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      Thanks Siddhu for motivating comments.

  2. Shantanu Avatar

    This article is great helped me to clear my mind; technique is amazing.

  3. Siddhart Avatar

    The technique really works! It clears all the mind blocks.

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