Theme Based Wedding

Planning the wedding around a particular theme creates a lot of excitement in your guests & makes your wedding a more special moment for everyone. You need to be creative, innovative & use the right decorations to depict the theme. While deciding the theme, ensure that the venue is suitable for it & all the arrangements for the theme are within your budget.

A theme can be as simple as a particular colour or little complicated like based on historical era.  You then need to choose the decorations as per the theme for eg: if the theme is based on a particular colour; you can have all the flowers, table cloths, lightings, etc. of that colour. You can design the menu as per the theme & inform the caterer accordingly. You need to inform your guests well in advance, so that they can prepare for the wedding accordingly or mention the theme in the invitation card. You also need to get all your outfits as per the theme. You can use the theme based wedding checklist to keep a track of all the arrangements as per your theme. There are various themes, out of which some are listed below:

  1. Themes based on vibrant colours for eg: red, yellow, green, blue.
  2. Fun themes like Bollywood theme, Disney theme, carnival theme, mela, etc.
  3. Themes based on seasons.
  4. Traditional theme, royal wedding theme, Maharaja theme, etc.
  5. Themes based on flowers like sunflower, rose, etc.
  6. Nature based wedding themes for eg: garden wedding theme or ocean wedding theme or forest wedding theme or beach wedding theme, etc.
  7. Historical wedding like Mughal wedding or Prince & Princess or Soni Mahiwal, Heer Ranjha, Romeo Jullet, etc.
  8. Themes based on famous regions / cities for eg: Kashmir, Goa, Kerala, New York, Paris, Venice, Switzerland, Arabic, Roman, Egyptian, etc.
  9. Retro themes of 60’s or 80’s
  10. Themes based on a village, old country yard or farmhouse or cowboy,etc.
  11. Themes based on the place you first met like school, college, office, etc.
  12. Themes based on fantasy or fairytale like Harry Potter theme, Cinderella theme, etc.

You can use various combinations of themes as per your budget or create new themes; have fun!

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