Sangeet function

A wedding is incomplete without music & dance Sangeet is organized, a night before the wedding. All the family members including children, male, female, elders join the function & enjoy dancing to their favourite music.  For a memorable wedding, the Sangeet function needs to be entertaining & special. Following is the list of arrangements you need to do to have a rocking sangeet function:

  1. Traditionally the bride & groom’s family have their sangeet separately but current trend is to have a joint function so that all the family members can meet each other & enjoy together.
  2. Decide the budget.
  3. Prepare guests list with contact details & postal address.
  4. You can send separate invitation cards for sangeet function or include it in the wedding invitation card as an extra leaflet.
  5. Decide a venue which has a great ambience, dance floor, stage, etc. to set the mood. For eg: an open lawn, garden, ground or a hall with large space, etc.
  6. You can have various heavy & light snacks stalls along with fruit juices & drinks. As per your budget you can have dinner instead of snacks.
  7. Decide the menu & inform all the details to the caterer.
  8. As per the budget, you need to make arrangements for decorations of the venue with flowers, lights, scented candles, fabric, etc.
  9. Appoint a band to play the music or as per your budget you can have a DJ.
  10. There should be a good music system & speakers for the music.
  11. Prepare a CD of good mix music to be played at the sangeet. For eg: dance /item numbers, romantic songs, popular Bollywood songs, folk songs, etc.
  12. To make the sangeet function exciting & memorable for the guests, you can have dance competitions between various participants from the bride & groom’s family or all the dances can be choreographed, etc.
  13. Small plays, skits, dramas, etc. add fun & frolic to the Sangeet function.
  14. You need to organize & arrange all the programs in a systematic manner so that the entire program is entertaining.
  15. Select a person to manage the entire program, as you will be watching the program.
  16. Appoint a photographer/ videographer to take photos & videos so that you can preserve all the memories of these special moments forever.
  17. A good comparer adds the spice to the function, so look out for one.
  18. If your budget permits, you can hire professional dancers, singers, comparer, etc. to entertain the guests.
  19. You have theme based Sangeet with a dress code, so that all the guests are involved.

You can also refer to sangeet planning sheet for keeping a track of all the arrangements.


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