Selecting your Soulmate

After going through profiles, talking over the phone, chatting & meeting personally; there comes to a stage where you need to finally select your life partner. This is a lifetime decision & you need to give a proper thought to all the attributes of the girl / guy as he or she is going to be your soulmate. Following are some key points you can consider while selecting your soulmate & the soulmate assessment sheet will assist you for the final decision:

  1. Your comfort level when you met the person for the first time. If you both are at great ease while talking to each other, means you could be good companions who have similar thinking & connect with each other.
  2. Another important factor that you need to analyse is your general, social, financial emotional & intellectual compatibility.
  3. Is the person caring, loving, respectful, reasonable & trustworthy?
  4. Do you think that you can openly discuss topics of your choice with the person?
  5. Can you give your opinions & views without any hesitation?
  6. Will the person stand by you in tough times?
  7. If you are going on the wrong path, does the person have the potential to correct you & show you the right direction.

There maybe some traits in the person which you dislike or there maybe some disagreements with the person & hence you may be confused while taking the final decision. Here is a simple technique which will help you to take a better decision (you can refer to the soulmate assessment sheet). List down all the positive points you like about the person. Then pen down the list of the things you dislike. Analyse & weigh each of the negative points with the positive points. Then you can decide whether you can accommodate the negative points or you can’t tolerate the negative traits. Always remember no person is perfect; we only need to know whether we can let go & live with these little imperfections.

While deciding your soulmate you need to listen to your heart & strike a perfect balance between your mind & heart. Finally think realistically & take the best decision. All the best!