Resolving Differences

In every marriage, there are differences & conflicts between the couple. Very rarely you will find something like a perfect couple or a perfect marriage.  So you are not alone! A successful marriage is where an imperfect couple learn to accept & enjoy each other’s differences. It is very easy to break a marriage in times when you are not getting along with your partner but it is difficult to keep going for the love & care between you. Following are some points which will help you make your marriage successful:

  1. Is it worth to give so much weightage to small differences with your spouse? If the answer is negative then learn to let go of these differences. There is no point in arguing, nagging & pondering over these differences.
  2. If the differences are such that it is difficult to let go, then discuss come to an amicable solution & implement it. Remember every problem has a solution in it; you only need to discover it & the differences will dissolve with time.
  3. Don’t try to force a change on your partner. But be open to change yourself because little changes in you can bring a drastic change in your relationship.
  4. Don’t take any decision in a hurry. When you are agitated you may want to break the relation & go away. Move away from the situation for a while, cool yourself & think on how to make it work despite of the problems.
  5. Firmly decide that no matter what comes I will make this marriage work! If you have this positive attitude then all differences will seem small & workable.
  6. Learn to forgive each other & forget the mistakes. This will protect your relationship from resentment, blame game & will make your bond strong.
  7. While resolving differences, don’t get personal & start blaming each other; instead be patient & try to listen to your spouse. This will help you to address the issue in an effective way by avoiding fierce arguments & negative sentences.
  8. If you are not at talking terms after a disagreement on any sensitive issue; keep aside your ego & start interacting again on some other topic & then when things are back on track, discuss the sensitive issue to resolve it in a better way.
  9. Respect each other & use respectful language while resolving a conflict.
  10. Do not drag your respective families or issues related to children or past misunderstandings / differences in arguments. Complain in the right manner.
  11. Don’t disagree unnecessarily, just to prove your point.
  12. While resolving issues, if you realise your mistake, accept mistakes immediately so that further arguments can end.
  13. To resolve differences constructively, consider your spouse’s viewpoint & think that if you were in his/her shoes what would you have done.
  14. Always trust your partner & assume that the intentions were to not to hurt you but in the best interest of your relationship.
  15. When two people from different background, bringing up & culture come together there are going to be differences but it is in our hands to resolve them in the right way.
  16. To reduce differences, add romance in your life.

When you love your partner, you will feel that you are two bodies but one soul & by not resolving conflicts in an appropriate way you are hurting each other. So resolve your differences & live a happy romantic Married Life!

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