Romance after Marriage

Usually the romance, love & understanding that are present in the early phase of marriage starts fading as years pass by. Over a period of time, couples start complaining that the spice in their relationship is over & their life is just a routine. You can consider the following suggestions that will transform your relationship & add those extra special cherished moments in your life:

  1. From your heart, frequently say “I Love you” to each other. This makes you feel in love with your soulmate again & again. You can start your day with a warm hug or kiss.
  2. Care for each other genuinely. Care can be shown by respecting & considering each other’s feelings, health, wellbeing, happiness & preferences or by doing those small things that will bring a smile on your partner’s face. It will make your spouse feel special & bring a lot of satisfaction in their life.
  3. Create the “We” feeling by doing everything with each other’s consent & keeping your spouse updated with all the developments in your personal & professional life. You can also give suggestions & discuss issues with your spouse so that both of you grow in all the aspects of life together.
  4. Be considerate for each other’s passion, likes, dislikes, pleasures, choices, interests, etc. by doing small gestures. For eg: if it was a stressful day at the office, you can both enjoy a cup of coffee to feel stress free or if you spouse is passionate about paintings, you can search some nice techniques to enhance skills for your spouse, etc.
  5. To maintain the long term romance in your relationship, enjoy small moments together.  For Eg: Go alone for a long walk together, have a romantic dinner at your favourite eating joint, etc.
  6. Start doing some recreational activity. For eg: learn a new dance form together or develop a common hobby, etc.
  7. Share your daily chores at home. For eg: cook together or clean utensils together or do some cleaning work together, etc.
  8. Create special moments for your spouse. For eg: arrange a candle light dinner at home, on a birthday or anniversary decorate the bedroom with balloons, flowers, scented candles, etc.
  9. From the heart, appreciate each other verbally & through actions, for all the gestures, big or small. You can buy a romantic gift (need not be expensive) as a token of appreciation & acknowledgement of the importance of your spouse in your life. Check gift ideas for husband / gift ideas for wife.
  10. Plan a romantic vacation together.
  11. Plan weekend treks together.
  12. Plan a weekend to one of your favourite romantic destinations.
  13. Go for a second honeymoon & recreate the magic again.
  14. Prepare a book of most romantic moments of your married life together. Keep updating this book to revisit & add new memories that you will always cherish.
  15. Complement each other in public, this keeps your partner happy & encourages in keeping the romance going.

Any small romantic gesture can add the spice back into your life & make you fall in love again with your soulmate!

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    Thank you so much for those wonderful tips, has helped me……

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