Gift Ideas for Wife

You can make those special moments like first night after marriage , honeymoon, Karvachaut, birthdays, anniversaries, valentine day, etc. even more special & romantic by gifting your wife a unique gift. The gift may or may not be expensive but an exceptional gift will always be close to your wife’s heart. As per the occasion you can select a gift for your wife from the following idea

  1. A kit related to a Hobby. For eg: if she is interested in panting then you can gift her a set of brushes, colours, stand for painting, colour mixing dish, etc.
  2. Jewelry. For eg: Mangalsutra set, diamond set, diamond ring, platinum jewelry, bracelet, etc.
  3. Accessories like designer handbag, jewelry box, hair dryer, hair straightener, sandals, etc.
  4. Branded watch, Perfumes, branded make up kit, etc.
  5. A set of recipes books written by chefs like Tara Dalal, Sanjeev Kapoor, etc.
  6. Membership of a branded parlour or spa.
  7. Soft toys like teddy.
  8. Antiques & articles to decorate home.
  9. Scented candles & Candle holders.
  10. Kitchen ware.
  11. Durables.
  12. Chocolates.
  13. Favourite flowers, bouquet, etc.
  14. A unique plant or sapling.
  15. A special card stating 50 best things about her.
  16. A small book with lots of colours & pictures of the best moments spent together.
  17. Handmade greetings, crafts, bouquet, etc.
  18. A surprise party where you can invite close friends & relatives.
  19. Decorate the bedroom with your wife’s favourite colours, flowers, scented candles & heart shaped balloons. You can wear your wife’s favourite dress.
  20. Self written poems, romantic article on your relationship, lines, notes, etc.
  21. Gifts that she can keep on his desk. For eg: A photo frame of a family photo or a special designed mug with photos of kids, etc.
  22. A unique plant or sapling.
  23. A favourite magazine subscription.
  24. A book with pictured of all the tours that you have done together.
  25. Apparels like designer saree or lehenga, salwar kameez set, branded jeans, lingerie, etc.
  26. Take her for a romantic dinner to a restaurant that has the best of her favourite cuisine.
  27. Astrological lucky charm like Gems.
  28. Favourite books or a set of classical best sellers or current best sellers.
  29. Favourite music CD’s collection or set of romantic songs.
  30. Personalized coffee mug.
  31. Musical instruments like Guitar, Piano, etc.

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