Live in Relationship vs Marriage

Nowdays couples feel live in relations are cooler than marriages. Some feel live in relations are the need of today as marriage is an old fashioned concept. Some indulge in live in relationship to prove that they are modern and are with the latest trend. So it all depends on your state of mind.

Isn’t live in relationship a specialized form of marriage? Couples in a live in relation behave & stay together in the same way as a married couple, except that their relationship is not legal. Marriage has legal & social sanctity. People look with respect at a married couple & this privilege is not available to couples in live in relationship. Marriage creates a strong bond between the couple which cannot be easily dissolved. Whereas live in relations are fragile & easily dissolvable. Some couples prefer to stay in a live in relation just because they are free to leave their partner whenever they wish. How can a beginning of a relationship start with such a negative feeling in the back of the mind?

In a marriage, there is unconditional love, care, devotion, respect, understanding & togetherness. Live in relations are conditional there is a lot of scope for infidelity. In marriage you can share all your secrets with your soulmate; you know that there is somebody who will stand by you in all good & tough times. This emotional security & commitment is usually lacking in live in relations.

There are no duties, obligations, commitments & responsibilities in a live in relationship. The couple is free to do whatever they want in their individual lives & they don’t interfere in each other’s space, preferences, likes dislikes, beliefs, etc. Whereas marriage makes a couple more responsible, socially acceptable, committed, flexible, adjusting & helps them to learn to accommodate each other’s behavior, personal traits, attitude & patterns. Marriage makes you a better person & guides you to grow together. In live in relations this personal growth is very less.

As live in relations are less acceptable socially, relations with parents, relatives & friends get affected. Married couples get support & guidance from your parents & relatives whenever it is required. In live in relationship, couples keep their finances separate whereas in a marriage, the couple usually shares their finances which helps them to grow economically. Another important aspect for which people indulge in live in relationship is to know whether they can understand & be compatible with each other so that in the future if everything works out, they can marry each other or else mutually pat ways. In marriage, the couple tries their best to make it work as they don’t want to part ways. There is a lot of positivity in a married lives couple.

Ultimately, live in relationship cannot match the sanctity of marriage. A live in relationship is staying together as in a marriage, then why run away from marriage like cowards?

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