Planning a baby

The transition from a couple to becoming parents is one of the most beautiful chapters of one’s Life. Each one of us awaits this precious time. One question that always lingers in our minds is “when is the right time to plan a baby?”

Ideally it is better to know each other for a period of 2 to 4 years & then plan a baby. This time after marriage helps a couple to develop understanding, enjoy life as a couple, get comfortable with each other, spend time alone (as you will not get this time once the baby is there), go for vacations & get mentally prepared to take responsibility of a baby. As an individual person there maybe some ambitions, career goals, aims which one may want to complete before becoming parents. Some couples need this time to become financially secured before having a baby.

When you have a well-planned baby, you are satisfied that you have taken care of all your personal needs & then planned a baby with mutual discussion & consent. You will always feel the baby is wanted & has come at the right time in your lives. You will be able to give full attention, time, love & care for bringing up your child.

While you take your time to plan a baby, keep in mind the age factor. If you want to have a baby, you should have it at the right time. Age factor is not only for the mother but also for the father, as you may have retired by the time your child is still young to earn. Being parents also requires lots of energy, attention & time which you have in abundance at the right age.

Some couples prefer to have a baby whenever it happens and they don’t plan anything. They are prepared to have a baby any time. It’s your decision; take time, discuss with each other & then decide when to have your baby.

Once you decide to have a baby, first thing you need to do is go for a health check up & doctor’s advice. For eg: if you were using contraceptive pills, then seek advice as to how long after leaving the pills, you can conceive or advice on the right time for intercourse for getting pregnant, etc. Secondly you need to maintain a healthy sexual life. Also for having a healthy baby, both of you need to eat healthy & exercise.

Happy baby planning, Enjoy!

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