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Once you are emotionally & mentally prepared to get married you need to get into the process of finding a perfect match for yourself. You may immediately find your soulmate or it may take some months to find the right person.

You need to get started with some personal grooming that includes getting a good haircut, facial grooming, clothes, etc. Personal Grooming is very important to get good photos as photos create the first impression. You need to go to professional photographer or studio & get some decent photos in passport size & full length.  Usually passport size photos are useful for uploading on matrimonial sites whereas when you actually send a hard copy of your biodata you may need full length photos.

Then you need to prepare your Bio-data. The next thing is to start on the actual search of your soulmate. There are different procedures to initiate the search; you can follow one or more of the procedures that suits you.  The first option is to let your relatives & close ones know that you are ready for marriage. You may get a lot of proposals through word of mouth.

Another option is to get register your profile to various matrimonial websites. These matrimonial websites are mostly free to register and then if you find any suitable match, you need to become a paid member or you can contact them to follow their process.

One more option is to register with a local marriage bureau. Usually marriage bureaus are based on a community or caste. In a marriage bureau you need to pay first and register and then they will provide you with the profiles. Some marriage bureaus filter the profiles on the basis of your requirements and they may charge extra for this service. Marriage Bureau is more personalized service.

You can also give an advertisement in newspapers. For this you need to provide a brief description of yourself along with your expectations. You need to pay before you place your advertisement. You can also opt for packages for placing repeated advertisement.

Once you are done with this process you need to filter the prospects in whom you are interested as per the attributes of the girl / guy you want. Then contact them and arrange for a phone call (refer to how to speak to a guy / girl on phone) or  for meetings personally. Be ready with your list of questions and answers you need to give.

Happy Soulmate Searching!

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      Thanks Prashant for valuable feedback. We have done changes to website to make it more modern, hopefully it is more user friendly now.

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