Why should I get Married?

Why one should get married, is a common question that haunts us in our late 20’s. In quest of answers we start asking our parents, close relatives, friends who are married & never get any satisfactory answer. Everyone is just telling you “It’s time to settle” but no one is justifying the “why” factor.
Is there any real harm in getting married? Marriage will bring along new responsibilities & you will loose the ‘only me’ factor.  But think realistically, do you want to really stay alone for your whole life; not many people can. In a marriage the S** factor is very obvious; keeping it aside, can you stay without your own family. Today you have your parents & siblings around you but for how long will they be there. Also you can’t share everything with your family due to communication & generation gap.
At some stage of your life you need your own family & someone special to share your secrets, ideas, thoughts, sorrows and happiness. You will have a best friend in your life partner; a person to whom you can confide any information & get valuable advice. There will be someone to correct you, to stand by you in your tough times, to guide you when something is going wrong, be your biggest critic & guide. Everyday you will evolve & grow with that person. When you are old, you will have a companion who has grown old with you.
The institution of marriage exists from thousands of years, so it definitely has some benefits which we need see with an open mind. Though you will always have this question of ‘Am I ready for marriage‘? in your mind but you will not be able to understand the value of marriage till you don’t plunge into it yourself, so take the right decision.

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