Can I marry a Manglik?

Do you have questions like ‘What is Manglik’ or ‘am I Manglik’ or ‘can a Manglik marry a non – Manglik’? Then this article will give you an insight on the myths & facts about Manglik Dosha.

By definition a person is considered to be a Manglik when Mars i.e. Mangal graha is situated in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of Vedic astrological lunar or Ascendant chart. So if anyone says “I am Manglik” means that they have Mangal (Mars) graha in their horoscope in the above mentioned houses. Below is picture of Kundli that highlights the houses in which the presence of Mangal graha makes a person Manglik.
Being Manglik is considered to be very critical in Indian Marriage and is mostly considered as a troublesome factor. This is because most of the people believe that if a Manglik marries a Non-Manglik, either the marriage won’t last or the non – Manglik partner will die within the first year of marriage. All these beliefs lead to delay in marriages of Manglik people. Are all these beliefs relating to Manglik really true or they are just another set of myths? To analyze this, we need to understand the nature of planet Mars (Mangal graha).

Mars (Mangal graha) represents lots of energy & ego. Hence people who are Manglik have a lot of energy; they are very egoistic and have a very volatile temperament. When this energy is used for constructive purposes, it brings success & achievements for the Manglik people. Manglik people are usually very dynamic & ambitious.

As Manglik’s have high energy levels, mostly they are very restless, demanding and sexually more active. When a Manglik person with such an aggressive nature marries a Non-Manglik person, there are bound to be differences, stress in the relationship which can lead to failure of marriage. Keeping in mind the above facts & with a little understanding, marriages between Manglik’s and non – Manglik’s can work. Below are some points that you can consider before marrying a Manglik person:

  •  Do you have the qualities (like extra patience, cool temperament, politeness, caring, etc.) that will help you to adjust with an aggressive person (Manglik) who is filled with a lot of energy?
  • Understanding aims, expectations (maybe very ambitious, lot of desires, list of achievements, etc.) & basic nature of a Manglik partner will help you to decide whether you want to marry a Manglik.
  • A Manglik person might be more sexually active & demanding; hence you need to decide whether you can satisfy and understand desires of your Manglik partner.
  • Manglik’s usually have more ego and pride; hence whether can you accommodate your partner’s egoistic nature. You need to ask yourself as to whether you can let go issues & conflicts arising due to this ego clashes.
  • Manglik’s are very restless, ambitious but are achievers. So you need to be mentally prepared to adjust & understand this nature as they may sometimes even push their partner to achieve success.

A marriage between a Manglik & a non Manglik can work if both are aware of the facts & are prepared in advance to accommodate each other’s nature. A marriage can survive if there is mutual understanding, love & care between the couple. Keeping all the facts in mind, finally it is an individual’s decision to marry a Manglik person.

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    “People who are Manglik have a lot of energy; they are very egoistic and have a very volatile temperament.” — Not sure how can you make such a blanket statement. I know 4 Manglik guys who are completely opposite of this…

    1. admin Avatar

      Thanks for pointing out this. The entire science of Astrology (Yes it is a Science + Mathematics) is based on probability. No one knows what that percentage is and what was the sample size taken to come to conclusion. So if someone is not behaving as per the definition of Astrology, then the person is possibly on the other side of probability. Also, not every person will behave on all the aspects defined, there could be few different behaviors. Also, not for this case in particular, but it is very important to have exact time of Birth to derive these calculations.

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      Good BioData Template

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        Thanks Rudramuni

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    Thanks for the comments

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    Thats very useful information….thanks

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