How to Propose

Proposing your girlfriend for marriage or your wife on an anniversary, is one of the most romantic & special moment for them. It makes them feel important & happy.  Also after selecting your soulmate, you need to propose her for marriage.  You can make this moment memorable for your soulmate by proposing in an exceptional way.

  1. The most traditional & widely used way of proposing is going on your knees & asking “Will you marry me”.
  2. Another traditional way is to take her to a restaurant and in advance make perfect setting by ordering her favourite cuisine, music, drink, etc. Then once the mood is set propose to her.
  3. Create your proposal podcast video and upload it on her iPod.
  4. Create your proposal YouTube video and send her the link.
  5. Gift her favourite flowers and put a little note with your proposal inside it.
  6. Send her box of handmade chocolates or cookies or her favourite sweets with a sweet little proposal.
  7. Make a list of reasons as to why she is so special and read it to her. Then at the end tell her this is why you want to marry her.
  8. You can gift a handicraft or painting with your proposal.
  9. Place a LED or Neon illumination sign saying ‘Will you marry me’ at a strategic location so that she can see it.
  10. You can plan a one day picnic or dinner at a favourite restaurant or just go for trekking with your close friends and propose to her by singing her favourite song or dancing on a romantic song.
  11. Plan a treasure hunt for her & when she reaches the end, she finds you with the proposal.
  12. You can simply send her a romantic message or card with your proposal.
  13. Arrange for a candle light dinner at your house & then propose.
  14. Create a crossword puzzle which leads her to the proposal.
  15. Propose at the place where you first met her.
  16. You can plan a beach outing & then write your proposal message on the sand.
  17. You can arrange for a puppet show or choreograph a drama or small play through which you can propose to her.

Whether it is an arranged marriage or love marriage, every girl rejoices the moment when her soulmate proposed to her. Let her cherish these memories forever, so make most of it by making it one of the most precious moments of her life!

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