First Night after marriage

First night after marriage is the night after marriage when you are alone with your soulmate for the first time. To enjoy this moment you need to be only with your soulmate; away from all the joys & chaos after the wedding, at a place where no one i.e. your friends, relatives, families, etc. can disturb you. Just you & your beloved are in the company of each other. So maybe you can book a room in some luxury hotel or go to someone’s empty apartment to enjoy this amazing night, the beautiful moonlight & the beauty of your beloved.

What makes this night special is the feeling of being together with your soulmate, the freedom to express and feel love, to love and get loved. So be relaxed and let the joy of emotions flow all around you, let the wave of emotions take you over, let the rain of love drown you in the sea of pleasures. Finally the night has come when you are with your soulmate who will accompany you in your journey of life & will always be there by your side in all the ups & downs of life. Now you are with your life partner who will see all the facets of your personality, smartness & naughtiness.

Don’t think or plan too much as to what will happen, just let things flow. You will be exhausted after the wedding, so to set the mood you can get the room decorated with your partner’s favourite flowers & colours, scented candles, heart shaped balloons, etc. You should by some gift (gift ideas for husband / wife) for your soulmate that will always be close to your hearts. Also you can order a cake or sweets for your soulmate. There can be some soft & romantic background music.

If you are tensed then remember first night after marriage is not only about the three letter word; there are so many other things that make first night a special moment to be cherished your entire life. Start talking with each other casually & let your partner know that you are also as nervous as the other is. Open up, be polite & respectful. Speak from the heart. To increase your comfort level & romance, start complimenting each other & then move on to flirting with each other.

Don’t be in hurry; you have the honeymoon period & entire life with your soulmate. Don’t push things if your partner is not ready for it. There is plenty of time; just get relaxed, know each other, feel the presence of each other’s body & understand each other’s needs. Trust your partner & respect each other’s feelings. Slowly move on to foreplay & when you both are comfortable & ready you can move to the next step. It maybe a little painful at the beginning, but then it transforms into a sweet pain that gives you pleasure & takes on a heavenly ride. It makes you feel complete. These precious moments of the first magical night with your soulmate will be in your memories forever. You need to get the right tactic & then master it with practice, patience, respect, love & lots of trust.

If you wake up in the morning, with a smile, satisfaction of knowing and loving someone, a sense of being together then you have made it. Except you both, no one will know as to what exactly transpired between you both on the beautiful first night. It is your secret, enjoy it!


It might go right or wrong,

It might be smooth or a bumpy ride,

I’ll always be by your side,

Will never leave you alone for my life.


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