Engagement Function

Engagement marks the beginning of the Wedding celebrations. Engagement function signifies that the bride & groom are now committed to each other & are ready for the sacred & incredible journey of marriage.

Following is the checklist of arrangements for the engagement & also refer to Engagement planning sheet for tracking the arrangements:

  1. Decide the time & date for the engagement function.
  2. Fix a budget for the function.
  3. Prepare a guests list along with their contact details & postal address.
  4. As per the number of guests, you need to finalize the venue i.e. bride/groom’s house, banquet hall, lawn, etc.
  5. As per the budget, there can be simple decorations with flowers, lights, etc.
  6. Send invitation cards for the engagement to the guests.
  7. Purchase engagement rings as per the size of the finger in which you are going to wear it.
  8. Depending on your budget, rings can be of gold, diamond, platinum, gold with precious stone, etc.
  9. Buy gifts for bride / groom & close family members i.e. parents, siblings, etc. Usually after the ring ceremony there is exchange of gifts & sweets between family members of the bride & groom.
  10. If required, as per your tradition, make arrangements of pandit / priest.
  11. If required, you need to make arrangements for exchange of garlands or flowers.
  12. As per the timing of the engagement, finalize the menucaterer for lunch / dinner.
  13. Appoint a photographer/videographer to take photos & videos so that you can preserve all the memories of these special moments forever.
  14. If your budget permits, arrange for light background music, DJ.
  15. Make arrangements for keeping the gifts / cash received from the guests.


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